Thursday, December 09, 2010

Love These Two

The kids love to be outside with us while we are working.  They love helping but more importantly they love just being there.  I love watching them play together.  Hide and Seek or Cars are their favorite things to play right now. 

This particular day they were playing hide and seek outside with us while we worked on clearing the land near the pond.  One might ask, where would you hide in the woods when all of the leaves have fallen and you can see everywhere in all directions.  Ethan figured it out.  He squatted down and pulled his hate over his eyes and was very still.  After all, if he can't see Abby, then she can't see him right?  Precious.   Abby played along and called for him and pretended like she couldn't find him.  He couldn't hold it in and giggled ever so softly.  When she finally "found" him, he screamed with excitement!!

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