Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nothing Says Fall like the very first S'more!!

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Swimming ONE last time

The kids still think the water is warm enough to swim. Usually one toe in and the realize it is freezing and don't want to get in. Not this time. There was nothing stopping this boy from getting in!!

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Go Hogs GO!!

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Is there any meaness in there???

This is a regular event at our house now. Open wide to see if there is any meaness in there....and if you find some you must shake it out!!!
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Camping at the Lake House!!

This summer we have really enjoyed staying at Todd and Karen's lake house. Abby has just now (now that Summer is over) decided she likes the boat and even likes Daddy driving. She asks to go back every day! I love this pictures because it shows how much Todd loves our kids and how much Ethan loves him.

I know two little turkeys that got in the powdered doughnuts that morning. :)

Abby loved hanging around with the older girls!! She felt so big!!

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Penny HendersonCrazy Lemon faces!!!

My new project....

For some odd reason I am wanting to learn to sew. I think it is the cheapness in me. I refuse to pay big prices for shirts like this. I am still very new at it so don't look to close!! I also learned how to can apple pie filling this weekend with Mom, Tristan and Poppy! I have never in my life seen so many apples. Thank goodness for the apple peeler, corer and slicer thingy! Mom took some cute pictures of the kids, so as soon as I get those, I will post them!
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Uncle Greg is the best Fireman EVER!!!

The hat was super heavy!!! It knocked Ethan over!

Ethan driving already?

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My Big Ethan

I am not sure what I love more:
His Blue Eyes?
His messy hair?
His dirty face?
Or the fact that he ate his dinner and was happy while doing so. :)
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Much Needed Update

So many things have happened since my last update and since I was nailed for not having updated my blog in two months I thought I would do the only thing I knew to do...use phone pictures!! My phone pictures are not that great but will serve for now!! My kids are growning so unbelievably fast!!
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