Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Possible switching to Xanga...

To all of my faithful readers....due to the name of this blog, I will be trying out Xanga to include Ethan. I am not sure I will switch for sure, but to make it easier for my Xanga friends, I think this might be best.

Bookmark to check out. I will keep this site up until I know for sure what the plan is!

Love you guys,

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Turkey #2

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Do you hear what I hear???

Ethan has been crying more and more these days. Abby has been a trooper although you can find her fake crying every now and then for attention. These days we are only using the paci for bed time and working on potty training. She is doing pretty good on both. We still have a way to go though!
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My New "House"

Abby loves her new "House" given to her by her friend Rachael and Rebekah. No matter how cold we must go in almost every day and play!! Thank you!!
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fear Nothing...

Abby had a blast playing on Uncle Allan's play house. She would do whatever John Riley would up she went. Up this old ladder to the playhouse she went all by herself (ok, I was very close by), down the slide (only slightly rusted) and would even pretend in the clubhouse (six feet off the ground). She fears nothing. Much like John Riley. Someone mentioned being afraid and John Riley said, there is not need to be afraid...God is always with you. I must mention that this was our first Thanksgiving without our grandmother. Grandma Johnnie would have said the same her own words. When I heard John Riley confort someone by telling them about God...I could hear Grandma Johnnie praying before the big Thanksgiving meal..praying for the souls of her family..each and every one..before it is ever lasting too late. So we were not without Grandma this year...she was there the whole time.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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All Bundled Up

Ethan certainly didn't lack attention this Thanksgiving! Thank you Shelly for his First Thanksgiving outfit...I will get a better picture of him in the outfit than this for you!!
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Life is a little busy these days!!

Life as we knew it is no more! Just the other night Ethan woke up at 2:00 AM and then Abby at 3:00 and then Ethan again at 4:00AM. I had forgotten how little sleep one must have to get by!
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I love my Uncle Bryan!!

Abby Grace loves her uncle Bryan...she calls him by name almost every day. We have a family picture in our dining room and she always confirms that is her uncle Bryan. She loves everything about him. She even tried to remove the hair from his chin to put it on his head just so he would have some on his head!!
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Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Proud Daddy

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Ethan Andrew Henderson

Ethan arrived Friday the 2nd at 10:28 PM. I would say this was a much different experience than with Abby. He was ready to come into this world...We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 and at 10:28 there was no stopping him. We had to wait on the Dr. to arrive and one push later here he was!

He is simply beautiful.
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I'm a Big Sis!!

I just want you to see how big Abby is getting!! Isn't she beautiful?
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Phew, this is hard work!

Little did she know..there weren't any pumpkins in her wagon!!
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Pumpkins everywhere!!

Abby thought they were balls so after a few damaged pumpkins we decided to move on!! :)
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Only a Princess....

Would blow kisses from her John Deere Tractor.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thank you Poppy!!

I love my Halloween outfit Poppy got me. Not sure if you can tell what it says, but "Who needs a Costume when you are already a Princess?"
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The Driver of the Bus says,

Sshhh, Sshhh, Sshhh!! I love singing with my memaw. Oooh, and I love Copper....that is memaw's dog. Copper gets more treats when I am there than ever. So every day I am certain to ask mommy if Copper can have "tweet" (treat).
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I love my Daddy!!

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Super Star!!

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Rain, Rain Go Away

This is the first time that we played in the rain!! She thought it was funny to dip her hair in the water!!

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Quick Update...

You know it is bad when Erica tells you to update your blog. There are so many things going on!!
It is crazy to think that we are in the current month of when Ethan will be here. My next appointment is on Thursday and then I will go weekly from there. My boss just told me the next 27 days will be very hectic at work so that should add some interesting stressful days in the mix. Speaking of work, it is going really good and I am learning a lot about commercial real estate and the legal demands each state, city and county put on a business.

But to the more important things in life...Abby. She is talking up a storm. Each day I hear a new word and sometimes I have no clue what she is saying but she does. I love to hear her say "water" and when I say, "I love you" she says "My Mommy" back to me. Jeremy thinks I taught her to say that, but I promise I didn't. Abby knows we are expecting little Ethan and she knows where he lives right now. Sometimes she will give him kisses and yesterday I caught her holding her belly saying "baby". Nice. Abby has a friend at her Nanny's that will remain nameless because about the time we think we have the biting thing under control one will bite the other. This last bite was on Abby's wrist. It kills me to see her get bit, but it will only take time before she will do the same thing to him. NOT GOOD!

Ethan - This pregnancy has been wonderful. Certainly not as dramatic as with Abby. I guess with the first you read EVERYTHING in site and it only adds confusion. This time I haven't read a thing and it has been a nice relaxing ride. (Jeremy might tell you differently) I am excited about Ethan and just pray that I will not loose the little moments I have with Abby. I love it in the morning when Abby snuggles with me while we get the last few minutes of sleep in, all the while she twirls my hair.

Jeremy would like to do Ethan's room in the Pixar movie Cars. I have had the toughest time with the bedding for this theme, but I am sure we will find something! :) Jeremy's opinion is that since I decorated Abby's room he gets to do Ethan's room.

Ok, this has turned out to be a not so quick update. I will post some pictures this week, I promise.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kick Kick Kick!!!

Take a look at that fun face. She is so beautiful!!
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Can you believe it???

Abby let me fix her hair in front of the mirror and she kept this pony tail in for at least 30 minutes. She was pretty proud of herself!!
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My Little Swim Bug!

Abby has learned to hold her nose and put her face under the water this week. We swim every night and she can jump in (into my arms!)
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Tonight we are trying out the Little Gym and we were practicing our a princess outfit nonetheless!!
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