Saturday, April 29, 2006


"Let me tell you about this horrible diaper I had today...." Posted by Picasa

Friends Forever

Your friend Jonas came over to play!!  Posted by Picasa

Abby's first Jeans

Stylin' and Profiling!! We sported our first pair of jeans and Weebocks today and did we ever look good!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hicups at 2:00 AM

Abby has not been feeling so well the last few days. Let me tell you about a typical Abby moment. Because she wasn't feeling so well, we let her sleep as long as she needed to (from 6PM until when ever). Whenever came around 1:40 this morning. I must say that becoming a mother has allowed me to do things I have never done before (get up and be alert at 1:40AM!) After she finished her bottle she looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and hicupped louder than I had ever heard her before. I mean seriously, who gets the hiccups at 2:00 AM??? Apparently she thought it was funny because after each hiccup she would grin really big and giggle just enough to get her through to the next one. After trying gripewater (the best stuff ever on the market for hiccups and tummy trouble) and a prayer she finally gave in. She closed her eyes, I tiptoed to her crib, put her down ever so gently and....HICCUP....Giggle...We start all over.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Let me introduce you to Mr. Frog and my drama queen Abby Grace. For about 15 minutes she had a discussion with this frog sometimes kissing at Mr. Frog and other times putting up her dukes!! I am not sure I am ready for her to have a prince charming but I can assure you this frog doesn't have a chance!! Posted by Picasa
Perhaps I could step back and tell you about a few of my favorite moments with Abby. This picture shows her curiosity!! It was the first time she had ever seen a flower. My prayer for you Abby is that your curiosity will lead you straight into the arms of our Lord. He created that flower and I would like to think He created it just for you. It was very windy that day at Wye Mountain but you allowed me to get a few good pictures! You are a very happy baby and we are so blessed to have you! Posted by Picasa
Finally I am able to post a beautiful picture of Abby Grace!! Posted by Picasa
Abby Grace

We were doing so good with the night time schedule but now Abby has started waking up at 3AM!! How crazy is that? Nothing moves at our house at 3AM....until now. I am amazed at how much our lives have changed with Abby.

This week she is staying at home with her Great Aunt Linda. Linda says she just laughs and coos all day long!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Abby Grace was born on January 4, 2006 and I have now taken the plunge to start her a blog!! So many things have already happened but we will start from right here right now!