Monday, January 19, 2009

The Best of the Best!!

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How handsome is he?

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I have come to the conclusion that we will have a scratch somewhere on one of them in each picture. They both thought it was pretty cool to ge to see the horses.

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We have the same birthday!!!

Alan, I love that you never question if she can get on the just do it. Being a little afraid of horses myself, it makes me nervous to allow Abby to ride. That being said, unless you on the horse...she is not getting on!! She loves coming to your house because she knows she will get special attention from you. Thank you Alan for treating her like your own.
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So here we go again...

Because I am unable to post during the day anymore, I will be posting at this website. Our world has been in a spin lately in that Ethan is not eating nor drinking that much. :( We have been on Pedialite since Saturday night and has been filling his diapers more than EVER before. We have all passed around a cold and now Abby is saying her foot hurts. When I called mom to see if I complained this much...she just laughed. That is not a good sign of things to come!

On to good things, Abby turned three and she is such a princess!!She loves to talk and argue over if the light is green or red, should we turn this way or that, and if I miss a page in a book...she doesn't forget it!! I hope to get her into school this Fall, because I know she is ready to learn new things.

Ethan has four teeth and more to come (soon because his gums look horrible). He is walking everywhere and if you ask him to give you "five" he will say tickle tickle tickle...ask Jeremy why.

I will post a few pictures later of the last few months and promise to do better at updating this blog!!