Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Phew, this is hard work!

Little did she know..there weren't any pumpkins in her wagon!!
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Pumpkins everywhere!!

Abby thought they were balls so after a few damaged pumpkins we decided to move on!! :)
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Only a Princess....

Would blow kisses from her John Deere Tractor.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thank you Poppy!!

I love my Halloween outfit Poppy got me. Not sure if you can tell what it says, but "Who needs a Costume when you are already a Princess?"
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The Driver of the Bus says,

Sshhh, Sshhh, Sshhh!! I love singing with my memaw. Oooh, and I love Copper....that is memaw's dog. Copper gets more treats when I am there than ever. So every day I am certain to ask mommy if Copper can have "tweet" (treat).
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I love my Daddy!!

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Super Star!!

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Rain, Rain Go Away

This is the first time that we played in the rain!! She thought it was funny to dip her hair in the water!!

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Quick Update...

You know it is bad when Erica tells you to update your blog. There are so many things going on!!
It is crazy to think that we are in the current month of when Ethan will be here. My next appointment is on Thursday and then I will go weekly from there. My boss just told me the next 27 days will be very hectic at work so that should add some interesting stressful days in the mix. Speaking of work, it is going really good and I am learning a lot about commercial real estate and the legal demands each state, city and county put on a business.

But to the more important things in life...Abby. She is talking up a storm. Each day I hear a new word and sometimes I have no clue what she is saying but she does. I love to hear her say "water" and when I say, "I love you" she says "My Mommy" back to me. Jeremy thinks I taught her to say that, but I promise I didn't. Abby knows we are expecting little Ethan and she knows where he lives right now. Sometimes she will give him kisses and yesterday I caught her holding her belly saying "baby". Nice. Abby has a friend at her Nanny's that will remain nameless because about the time we think we have the biting thing under control one will bite the other. This last bite was on Abby's wrist. It kills me to see her get bit, but it will only take time before she will do the same thing to him. NOT GOOD!

Ethan - This pregnancy has been wonderful. Certainly not as dramatic as with Abby. I guess with the first you read EVERYTHING in site and it only adds confusion. This time I haven't read a thing and it has been a nice relaxing ride. (Jeremy might tell you differently) I am excited about Ethan and just pray that I will not loose the little moments I have with Abby. I love it in the morning when Abby snuggles with me while we get the last few minutes of sleep in, all the while she twirls my hair.

Jeremy would like to do Ethan's room in the Pixar movie Cars. I have had the toughest time with the bedding for this theme, but I am sure we will find something! :) Jeremy's opinion is that since I decorated Abby's room he gets to do Ethan's room.

Ok, this has turned out to be a not so quick update. I will post some pictures this week, I promise.