Friday, October 29, 2010

Pure Joy

This is what makes me happy. The joy on their faces. The thrill of thinking they are driving that car..and fast! We have fun times at the state fair and can't wait until next year!
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Do I see Football in his future?

For the first time ever (that I can remember) Rose Bud played Football in Little Rock. That meant that my little Tristan (who is now driving which means I am OLD!) would be playing a game that I could attend!! Oh, how excited we all were to get to go to see Tristan's team play! And I might add that they won against the Arkansas Baptist Eagles! Whhhhooohhoo!! LOVE IT! My heart was a little torn because I have friends on both comes first !

While the game was going on, Ethan had a little game going on the sidelines. There was a little area where the other kids would play a little ball. One of the kids actually let Ethan wear his helmet! Ethan was none the wiser and believed it to be true that he was a REAL football player! It was so sweet because those boys treated him as one of their own. They would tell Ethan what to do and if it was his turn to tackle he would do his best and those boys would fall as if they had been hit by the biggest football player ever! Ethan loved it! I do believe I see some football in our future!! Needless to say he was out like a light that night...and dreamed of some Friday Night Lights! :)
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Happy Halloween!

We took lots of pictures this morning but since I do not have permission from the other kid's parents I will not post their pictures. Abby was such an adorable lady bug!! Today she will get to trick or treat with the older kids at her school! They form a path for the kids to walk through in the gym and hand out candy!! Abby will love it!!
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