Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This is what our weekends and nights consists of. Swiming!! WE love it!! Now that Ethan has learned to swim I have noticed it is about winning with him. He wants to jump first or he wants to get to the stairs first. They have both come so far this year!! Last night Ethan and I went for a late night swim. Although the LOUD frogs scared him a bit...we still sang lots of songs and splashed each other. We laughed and laughed!! I see the moon and the moon sees you! :)
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime Bliss

The days are long and the kids are tired!! Ethan usually falls asleep before he even gets home! That makes me sad because I get so little time with him anyway (having to work!). Ethan LOVES his tent I got him for his bed. He said on the first morning, "mommy me go back to sleeep and take a nap".

Abby loves to sleep in a tent in the playroom. So far they have both slept through the night and if sleeping in tents is what does it...then tents it is!!

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Abby's first sleepover!!

Abby had her first sleep over last Friday night. The girls had a blast. Let's see they went swimming, went swimming some more and got up the next morning asking to swim some more!!! Let's just say that the kids had no problem sleeping through the next night!!

Not sure what this pose was about. ....but it was funny!!

For breakfast the next morning we had a crazy breakfast and the girls helped. Well two of them licked the spoons but that is helping!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Proof is in the Picture

It is official. My son LOVES to swim. It is the first thing he asks for when he gets up and the last thing he wants before going to bed. "Just one more swim mommy .....peeeze" Last night started off perfect. Ethan got up the nerve to go down the slide and jump off the tube. However, it was when he decided to change directions to head first MID WAY down the slide that things turned for the worst. Ethan hit his head on the side of the pool and man it hurt!! Not wanting to let Abby swim more than him he begged to go back out and swim some more. :)

This is our dive...he tucks his head down and off he goes. It is like slow motion but he comes up grinning!

I see the Olympics in his future...don't you?
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ethan LOVES to swim

So let me get this straight. Ethan goes to Mema and Poppy's house for a few days and he comes home a champion swimmer. Slightly thinking that mema might be stretching a little, we go swimming tonight for a test run. The first thing Ethan say is "Skoot back mamma me not neeet you" My first thought is Mr. I am your momma and at two you do not need me???? I move back just a bit and without holding his nose Ethan does a flip in the pool just like his big sis!! I was shocked. I helped him up for a breath but he swims on his own to the stairs. Let me say that prior to this magical weekend at Mema and Poppy's house Ethan couldn't swim a lick and he for sure wouldn't jump off the side. So the next thing Ethan says is "me dive momma". Are you kidding me? You guessed it. He marched right up and head first dove right in the water. My baby is growing up. I love you Ethan.
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