Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy Hat Day

This week the kids are learning about recycling. Mema made her this funny hat out of Capri Suns and it was a HUGE hit!!
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Forever Friends

We are so very lucky to live near wonderful friends. At the last minute we decided to do s'mores and friends make them that much better!!!

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Baseball Fun!!

We were excited to be in a box for the game and Ethan didn't understand that he had to stay in OUR he took off running down the line. There is no telling who all I passed to catch him!!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Boat Ride!!

At the last minute today we decided to take the boat out. This is the first time in our new boat and we loved it!!! I was a little nervous at first (the whole backing up Jeremy's truck). Abby knows when I am scared or nervous and literally the child threw up on our new boat before we even got away from the dock. LOVELY. She was mortified. Once we were going she said, this is just like Mr. Todd's boat and started giggling and being herself again. We had such a great time. PB&J's, out on the water and being with my family...couldn't have been a better end to the weekend.

Abby took this picture....not bad.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Always on a lookout!

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Easter 2010

Ethan couldn't stay focused. :) He would eat some candy and then forget to hunt for more eggs.

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Easter wouldn't be Easter....

if we were not at Grandma Johnnies home and riding a horse. Life is good. Noramally we are at Uncle Alan's home but this year we went back to where we have all hunted eggs. Where we have all eaten lots of wonderful food and where our family knows that they are loved. Grandma Johnnie instilled in us much more than eggs and candy by that family is important but not as important than Jesus Christ. She prayed before every meal that we would know her Lord, before it was ever lasting too late. I believe that she smiled this afternoon as her family came together once again. I smiled as Abby and Ethan hunted eggs near that front porch much like I did many times. I even tried to take Jeremy and Ethan to the "snake hole" where we all learned to swim. As the years have gone by the trees and brush have grown up so much it is nearly impossible to get to now. What fun times though to climb down the bluffs to get to the snake hole to cool off in the summer. Not one single time that I am aware of did anyone get bit or see a snake for that matter. As the time goes by those memories become a part of me, a part of who I am and who I have become. I love that family is so important to us. I love that though we are all so very different and live very different lives, our family has a single thread that ties us all together and that would be Grandma. Thank you Grandma for teaching us to love each other and to love the Lord.
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Crazy Kids!!

Getting a good picture of Ethan is nearly impossible. :) He is adorable.

Ok, just imagine with me. Ethan trying to scare me by pretending
to sneeeze. This was the very first of the sneeze and it was to die for funny.
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The Old Mill

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