Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Abby's First Snowman

Perhaps I should have been a little more prepared. The only thing I had to use as the snowman's nose was a HOTDOG!! The funny thing was I guess an animal got hungry in the night and ate it. :) Note to self: Use a carrott next time.

We found out Sunday night that Ethan had the PINK EYE. We honestly thought it was allergies. So instead of being outside with daddy and Abby, he got to stay inside and stay warm!!
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Let me explain...

This is my baby in her new booster seat. This picture is a result of
me taking a picture while driving (I know, I know). My "baby" is in the back
with her legs crossed so sweetly, talking on the phone. I am starting to realize how
true it is that time goes by so fast with our babies!!
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

One of those Moms.

Yes, I admit I am one of those moms. I take things to the extreme. When asked to bring a food that
starts with the letter P...we chose cupcakes with pink and purple sprinkles. We had fun making them (see below) and the
kids will love them.
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How Quickly They Change

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Bath tiime was soon to follow...

Check out Ethan's eyebrow. He wasn't so sure of the jets. :)

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My Little Helper

Daddy left for a mission trip today and will be gone all weekend. Please pray for their
safety and that they time will be used wisely. Please pray that they have all the physical
resources they need to do the contruction needed on the church in Alabama.

At Abby's school the letter of the week is "P". They had a "Proud" jar they filled with marbles when the
teacher noticed them doing something that made them proud. Once it was filled the teachers have planned
a Pizza Party for them. The parents are bringing other foods that start with "P"...you are not going to believe all
the food that starts with the letter P. There will be so much food tomorrow. We made cupcakes with Pink and Purple sprinkles!!
There will also be popcorn, pickles, pudding, punch, pretzles and maybe some popcicles. CRAZY.

Abby did wonderful making the cupcakes. I measured everything and she poured everything in!

My first time cracking an egg was in front of my kindergarten class. I cracked the egg and in attempt to pour it in the bowl the egg landed in the floor. I was so embarassed. Not my Abby. She cracked the egg like a pro and in the bowl it went!!

I love the tight grip she has....

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First Things First

We had a blast making these Valentines. I promised a final picture and
here it is!!
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