Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sticker Chart

I had no idea that something a simple as a sticker would tame my daughters heart. We fight with Abby every night with the whinning and the stalling to not go to bed. So with much hesitation we started talking about the sticker chart. Abby undestood if she did the things on the chart she would get a sticker and then after a week or two we would have something special for her if she did what was asked of her. I understanding rewarding a child for something she should be doing anyway is not the best option but we were exhausted with each night fighting with her. Things like brush your teeth, take a bath, are no brainers but go to bed with a happy heart or no whinning take some practice. The new one tonight is going to bed without stalling. No more asking for water or one more kiss or needing to go to the bathroom (when she has already gone). I must say that the nights are a lot less stressful. She wakes up one time a night (while Ethan now sleeps through the night Praise GOD!!) She gets a sticker for sleeping through the night but hasn't received one yet. I honestly believe she is trying. If she starts to whine, I tell her we will take away a sticker if she doesn't stop...and I usually do not hear another word from her. Those stickers are her gold. Why in the world didn't we start this a year ago?

I am excited to say that Abby is going to Anthony School this Fall. She is ready, I am not so sure I am. She is growing up so very fast!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Ride

This was Ethan's first ride. I can guarantee their will be many more. He was so excited and all he could say was WEEEE!
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Easter 2009

There is simply nothing like painting/coloring/stickering eggs at mema and poppy's house.
How cute is this?

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I love that we teach important things in how to make that funny noise when you pop your finger in your cheek. This is a true legacy for sure!! :)
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It is absolutely impossible that Cody (my nephew) went to prom. This just means I am getting way old. He looks so good!! Pictured here are Cody and my brother Bryan. We all have so much to be proud of!
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Jonas and Reese, we love you!! WE love having you over to play. There is nothing like fruit loops after dinner to hipe us up before bedtime!!
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How Ms. Linda keeps up with you durring the day I will never know. You climb on everything. I love your curiosity. I love that nothing is out of your reach and you will figure out a way to get there. For example to get on daddy's computer chair you will pull Abby's chair over and propel your self into daddy's chair. Nice...since it spins you usually make it. :) Ethan, I hope your curiosity and desire never fade. I love you.
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Abby Grace

How did this happen? How did my sweet baby girl grow up so fast? Abby tonight you made a huge breakthrough. Bedtime at our house is a huge battle....until tonight. I explained what a sticker chart was to her. She understood completely that if she did the goals on the chart on a regular basis she would get to do something very special. This week it will be going to a birthday party. Tonight my baby girl went to bed with a Happy Heart and she was proud of it. I love you Abby Grace.
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